Cee’s FOTD (Roses)

“Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

I was glad to again participate in Cee’s Flower Of The Day prompt dedicated to roses. I’m a little late, but it’s been a busy summer in the garden.

Roses are my favorite flower, so I’m up anytime I get the opportunity to share photos of them. Roses give me such calm and peace and I have spent quite a bit of time this summer taking my rose garden to the next level.

I purchased this Maurice Utrillo hybrid tea rose from the great folks at Heirloom Roses.

And as always, my roses are exclusively raised with products from Eden Blue Gold.

Monarch Caterpillar In J

In the monarch world, they call this the J. It’s the shape they form when they are getting ready to prepare for the chrysalis stage.

It is spinning the silk that will attach it to and turn it will lower itself and drop into J position. It’s at a very vulnerable stage because any insect or predators can kill it at this point.

It will be in this position for roughly 24 hours before going into its chrysalis (protective shell for those that are still learning the lingo).

Blue for You

I love this lady! She was the first rose I ever purchased. Her name is Blue For You and she’s a floribunda rose. She was purchased at Heirloom Roses.

When I decided in 2016 to purchase this rose, I didn’t realize there are no blue roses, regardless of having blue in the name. You live, you learn, amiright?

As always, my roses are maintained with the rose products exclusively from Eden Blue Gold.

Monarch Chrysalis Conclusion

I went outside to bring a few things to shelter and remembered to check on the Monarch chrysalis.

They usually eclose early of a morning and this one stayed the course. By the time I checked on the progress, it had opened, pumped its wings, and flown to seek shelter and protection.

Hoping the adult monarch will make a pass through the pollinator garden and u can see if it’s male or female.

At the end of the day

Yesterday was a marathon outside day. I had late milkweed to plant for the fall broods. The list of things to do was endless and I stayed hyper focused on what needed doing.

After I (right before sunset no less) checked the last thing off the list I took the long way to the garage to put away my weed eater. Something caught my eye and as I walked closer, I saw the tell-take green chrysalis of a monarch. This one is very closing to eclosing (opening) and I’ll watch for it today or tomorrow.